Freight Forwarding Regulations

New Driving Time and Rest Period Rules

New regulations for driving times and rest periods for professional drivers came into force on 11.04.2007. The changed rules are causing confusion among drivers. You can find more information at : BAG

Regulations for the Transport of Dangerous Goods

New RSE published

The new guidelines for the implementation of the regulations on carriage of dangerous goods by road and rail (GGVSE - RSE) were announced in the Verkehrsblatt issue 5/2007 of 15th March 2007 (no. 38). The responsible State Authorities have been requested to enforce these regulations. The guidelines can be obtained from Verkehrsblatt–Verlag, Dortmund in print form (B2207) or as a PDF on a CD (C2207)

Council for Transport of Dangerous Goods

New regulations for the Council for the Transport of Dangerous Goods which advises the Federal Ministry came in force on 15th March 2007. The complete text was announced in the Verkehrsblatt Issue 5/2007 dated 15.March 2007 No.42
The most important change is the establishment of a “Standing Committee of the Council for the Transport of Dangerous Goods”. The members of the Council and of the Committee as well as their working groups were listed in the announcement.

Rules for Chemicals

REACH is coming!

Registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals
The 7 policy objectives are:

  • Protection of people’s health and the environment
  • Retention and strengthening of competitiveness of the European chemical industry
  • No fragmentation of the Single Internal Market
  • Transparency for the public (“Informed Customers and Consumers”)
  • Integration of other international programmes
  • Encouragement and development of alternative forms of testing on animals
  • Conformity with international trade rules (WTO)

Who is affected by REACH?
Everybody in the delivery chain has responsibilities.
We are available to answer your questions.

GHS (Preview)

The Global Harmonised System (GHS) for identification and classification of chemicals in the UK forms the basis for a world-wide standardisation of existing national systems


  • standard identification elements
  • standard classification criteria
  • standard safety data sheets

Identification Elements

  • Pictograms (Danger symbols)
  • Warnings
  • Hazard statements (similar to the former R rules)
  • Precautionary statements (similar to the former S rules)

Waste Management Law

Proposed regulations regarding proof of waste management have mostly come into effect.

On the 1st February 2007 the new regulations regarding recycling and waste management as well as the new regulations regarding the verification of waste came into force. Not included were the proposals for the electronic processing of the verification procedure. These have been granted a three or four year transition period.